My first Perl talk

oneiron on 2002-11-16T02:21:51

I gave my first Perl talk to this week. Noone threw peanuts. I started with an overview and history of the lighter side of Perl culture in general before settling down to step through Acme's beautiful orange slides. Curiously, the slide that provoked the maddest cackling was the source code.

The lovely David Adler esq.'s contribution to CPAN, the pioneering and seminal Semi::Semicolons, also drew wild applause.

I certainly learnt a lot from giving this talk and the pre-game advice mercifully dished out by and proved invaluable.

I did attempt one innovation of my own, however. Instead of just tossing the Mongers a packet of luxurious Arnott's Cavetto biscuits (as Ken Williams did) I threw assorted tidbits (mini Cadbury timeout biscuits, Mars bars, etc.) but only to those who correctly answered my probing questions.