Tang spices up a Sydney Monday

oneiron on 2005-12-13T01:25:18

Perl and Haskell maestro Audrey Tang delivered a magical cure for Mondayitis to a diverse bunch of lucky Sydneysiders with a series of energetic and inspiring talks.

After the afternoon talk, Audrey enjoyed a constructive couple of hours in the leafy John Lions garden discussing Pugs and Haskell with perhaps the leading bunch of Haskell boffins in the world, namely the computer science group at UNSW.

Sydney.pm usually gets six or so people attending their monthly meetings, but the room was overflowing last night with more than 20 in attendance: a diverse group, including members of SLUG (doubtless the most active geek group in Sydney) and SyXPAC. As you might expect, a couple of new Pugs committers were unearthed. :-) After all four talks were delivered, the evening was washed down with a bowl of Vietnamese noodles in nearby Chinatown.

Some feedback from the SLUG crowd:

This was one of the most interesting and inspiring talks I've seen in a long, long time.

Likewise! Even though it was long, we got three great talks in one night, and every bit kept our interest. Thanks!

Thanks Audrey!

Autrijus Tang

clscott on 2005-12-13T05:24:42

His name was spelled twice correctly on one of the page that you linked.


Audrey Tang

autrijus on 2005-12-13T13:08:04

...Audrey is indeed my new name (as listed on passport, PGP keys, etc), as part of my transgender process. As such I'd prefer female pronouns from now on. :-)

Apologies for the resulting inconveniences and mistypos... I'll write more about this soon in my journal.

Re:Audrey Tang

clscott on 2005-12-15T04:44:16

My apologies for being wrong in the matter.


reneeb on 2005-12-13T10:59:11

Thanks to Sydney.pm and Audrey for that great meeting! I hope, I can attend the February-meeting.