rises again

oneiron on 2005-02-13T02:00:54

After a long break, Sydney Perl Mongers Fraze, Stennie, gav, /-\ and the peripatetic Mike Bissett grogged on at the Evening Star Bar in Surry Hills last Tuesday night. And our mailing list is finally back up again (thankyou jarich!). So, after a dismal 2004, 2005 is looking very bright for

I really enjoyed Tuesday night. Many topics were discussed over the beers, including Mike's connection. Mike spoke very highly of head honcho (and new father), barbie, but was hazy when quizzed about the origin of this intriguing nickname. I'd always assumed it was somehow related to throw another shrimp on the barbie or perhaps Mattel's Barbie doll or even a shortened form of "barber" or "barbarian". But, if I heard Mike correctly over the pub boisterousness, it's apparently somehow related to either barbel (a carp-like fish) or barbell (a metal rod used in weightlifting).

Name Origins

barbie on 2005-02-13T08:50:38

As Mike has probably said, it's a long story, except I've never told it. Unfortunately all the guesses are completely wide of the mark ;) In fact the nickname is now over 20 years old!

Say 'hi' to Mike, from all of us at :) It's snowing right now here, but I hope you're enjoying some glorious sunshine .. as well as the beer.