Mowing the fairways and raking the bunkers

oneiron on 2002-01-20T05:31:25

Today I am putting the finishing touches on the golf course to be played on next week. The game starts Wednesday afternoon (USA time), evening (Europe), and runs for five days. So, if you enjoy a competitive round of golf, subscribe to fwp and join in the fun! You don't have to be an expert to play as there is a separate leaderboard for beginners.

Each player's solutions are kept secret. Only a daily leaderboard is known. Watching the thrust and parry between the leading pack of golfers can be quite entertaining at times. At the end of the game, all solutions are made public, and it is then amazing to behold the incredible variety of creative solutions found in the heat of battle.

The first fwp golf game, held around Christmas, was won by Eugene van der Pijll, the Flying Dutchman. Here are some references to that game:
game start
final leaderboard
game solutions

The companion ircnet Christmas game saw Eugene dethroned by Spiff, aka Karsten Sperling.