Christmas Golf Tournaments

oneiron on 2002-01-04T08:28:30

My first post. Wow!

Who is the World's best Perl golfer? I don't know, but Eugene van der Pijll and Karsten Sperling must be right up there.

In early December, I organised the Santa Claus Golf Apocalypse on the mailing list, which was fun and much more popular than I expected, drawing 35 entries. One pdcawley played superbly, only to be narrowly beaten by Eugene van der Pijll, the Flying Dutchman. BooK also played well.

This event was closely followed by a similar recovery tournament for those addicts finding it difficult to come down, hosted by the ircnet folks. See for details. This time Eugene was dethroned by Spiff, aka Karsten Sperling.