What is it about Portland Oregon?

oneiron on 2003-08-06T09:17:36

Why does Portland Oregon attract so much Perl talent? (Being from the other side of the world, I have no idea). Many Perl celebrities seem to reside there: schwern, Ingy, chromatic, Ovid, Randal x 2 (Allison, Schwartz), Tom Phoenix, Ward Cunningham, Tonya Harding, Monica Lewinsky, ... Is that right? Any others? Can any other city in the USA boast such a large pool of Perl sharks?

yes :) Boston

hfb on 2003-08-06T09:57:42

At one point in time myself, Jarkko, Chris Nandor, Jon Orwant, Joe Johnston, Nate Patwardhan, Ron Kimball, Uri Guttman, Dan Sugalski, Spider Boardman ...and a few others who I can't think of without more caffeine, all lived in or near to Boston. I dubbed Arlington the 'perl ghetto' for a while :)