Bricolage in eWeek

Theory on 2002-10-30T22:55:25

To my utter amazement and delight, eWeek, the weekly IT newspaper from ZD, has posted a review of Bricolage! I had never heard from them, or even noticed that they were interested, but am delighted with the review. It could not be more glowing. Here's an excerpt:

However, an open-source content management system called Bricolage bucks this trend, providing an open option that isn't just capable but is one of the best content management systems eWeek Labs has seen, even eclipsing some of the best-known commercial products.

I'm hoping that this has ramifications for getting the message out about Bricolage. I think it's time for me to start thinking seriously about creating commerical support contracts to sell similar to what Best Practical is doing for RT.

Commercial Bricolage Support

ziggy on 2002-10-31T14:25:46

It wouldn't be a half bad idea. It's the business model behind Zope corp, and they're doing pretty well these days.