Chimera Fonts

Theory on 2002-09-12T20:01:10

Chimera is finally working for me on Jaguar with the new 0.05 release. It's really nice to use, compared to Mozilla or most other browsers. However, the font sizes were all whacked out on my TiBook. Using Bricolage, a lot of the type was so small that it was almost unreadable. This seemed strange to me, since Bricoalge detects Chimera as Mozilla (Gecko), and sets the font sizes appropriately.

The solution turns out to be simple, and I pass it on here for the benefit of my fellow Mac OS X junkies who want to use Chimera. You simply have to edit your prefs.js file, which you'll find in ~/Library/Application Support/Chimera/Profiles/default/foo.slt/, where foo.slt is a salted directory name. So just open up prefs.js and add this line:

user_pref("browser.display.screen_resolution", 96);

After quitting and restarting Chimera, the font sizes will once again render just as they do in Mozilla.


Matts on 2002-10-04T07:01:51

I thought all macs had a dpi of 72?


Theory on 2002-10-04T14:42:50

Me, too. It could be that I'm just hallucinating, but it seems that a fair number of pages actually display too big since I changed that setting -- text on select lists especially got kinda big. It did help Bricolage's fonts not to appear puny, but I need to find some tuits to change its style sheet to use pixels instead of points for all of its font sizes.



Matts on 2002-10-04T15:14:42

Again I could be wrong, but I though specifying font sizes in pixels rather than points (or perhaps ems or whatever the other measurements are that you can use) was another major no-no.


Theory on 2002-10-04T15:21:01

If you're going to print, that's true. But for uniformity of on-screen display, it's a major benefit. See this article.