Bricolage 1.4.0

Theory on 2002-09-09T18:07:01

It was a good feeling to finally get Bricolage version 1.4.0 out the door. I've been saying for months that it would be released "in a few weeks." Now I'm no longer a liar.

All the important details are in the use Perl announcement. But I'm really pleased with it. Bricolage has come a long way since its initial release, and it's all for the better. At least one user has already sung its praises, and my hope is that, as more people start to use it, there will be more contributions and it will continue to acquire great new features and perform better and better.

On tap for the next release are more new features, plus the addition of comprehensive unit testing based on Test::Class. The framework for this is already in CVS, and I'm working on new features even as we speak!