Apple Should Support TPF

Theory on 2002-07-31T00:23:10

Yes, this is a serious suggestion. The design for Perl 6 is truly human-centered, what with its emphasis on creating a language that, even more than Perl 5, works the way people think (well, English speakers, at least [and Klingon speakers, of course!]). This is strongly in line with Apple's own philosophy of human-centered design. This goes right down to language choice for Apple; to paraphrase Dan Sugalski, "Objective C is like Perl in C; the object model's damned close." There's a lot in common between the two design philosophies.

So I'm suggesting that Apple support the Perl Foundation and, especially, Perl 6 development. Perl plays nice with Carbon, ships with Mac OS X, and, with Parrot, will support just about any other language you could want to use. And much of the development is being done on Macs. I think that there's a real synergy of vision here, and Perl 6 would make a great high-level language for Apple to promote to Cocoa developers.

So, how best to go about convincing Apple of this, of letting them know that, for a small investment, they can be advancing both its design philosophy and the future of their platfrom?