DV Uploading...

Theory on 2002-07-25T02:19:35

I'm sitting in the Apple connectivity room downloading a DV from my camera to a nice G4 workstation. The video is complete coverage of Damian's "Preparing for Perl 6" presentation this afternoon. Once it's on the Mac, Nat will take care of making it available to the general population. I've also recorded the talk that he gave with Larry this morning, and will download that, too. But first, I have to find some dinner. God, I hope I don't sound too goofy laughing all the time!

For those of you who aren't here, TPC is going quite well. The Lightening round was entertaining, too -- Nat arranged for it to be recorded, too. It has been great to meet in person all these folks I've read or corresponded with over the last few years.

Okay, the video is just about downloaded, and I'm starving. More later.

movies! cool!

ask on 2002-07-25T13:21:23

I was respectively busy preparing my talk and giving my talk; so I'm really happy you filmed it. Very cool; thanks! :-)

Re:movies! cool!

Theory on 2002-07-25T16:15:21

Uh, well, I didn't film your talk. Sorry!

Re:movies! cool!

ask on 2002-07-25T19:50:01

That's not what I meant. =) I was at my talk, so I couldn't care about that. I'd like to see the talks you filmed and was sorry I missed them, so it's perfect. =)