Theory on 2002-07-23T22:27:25

I'm off to OSCON. I just noticed that I'm going to be arriving after the State of the Onion. Crap! Well, I'm sure I can find someone to fill me in on all of the gory details.

I'm staying at the conference hotel, so look me up if you want to have a beer or something.

Don't Sweat It

mako132 on 2002-07-24T20:55:52

You didn't miss much. It's too soon after the latest Apocalypse. Going to this morning's Damian/Wall Perl6 presentation was much better.

Re:Don't Sweat It

Theory on 2002-07-24T22:38:22

Yeah, I was there. I was the guy with the DV camera. Look for lots of OSCON videos to appear on a site near you.