My OS X Adventures

Theory on 2002-04-12T03:34:01

About two weeks ago, I made the switch from Linux to Mac OS X on my Titanium PowerBook. Yes, it was quite an adventure. But I'm happy to rreport that it went extremely well. I got all of my favorite *nix utilities running, as well as all the essentials a dedicated Perl/mod_perl/PostgreSQL hacker might want.

That's not to say that it wasn't a lot of work. But even more work was all the notes I was keeping so that I'd know how to do it again. And since I was taking all those notes, I figured I might as well do the extra extra work of writing up a little article detailing what I did and how I did it. The result is now available as My Mac OS X Adventures.

Any feedback will be most welcome, as I'd like to keep this page up-to-date!


schwern on 2002-06-01T06:02:30

I read your adventures, and I didn't see any mention of Fink, a port of the Debian package management tools to OS X along with a repository of prebuild & preconfigured packages including rootless X & XEmacs.

An absolute Must Have for sane OS X maintenance.


Theory on 2002-06-01T16:39:57

Thanks for the read, Schwern!

I only learned of Fink after I wrote that piece. I need to get to know it -- I still haven't! When I update the page, I'll write about Fink, too, of course.