Theory on 2002-03-05T02:53:49

I worked a lot over the weekend on the Bricolage section of the upcoming O'Reilly book on Mason, and now it's done. I mean, it's a draft. Naturally, I'll want to go in and edit it again in a few weeks, once I have some distance from it.

Dave and Ken were kind enough to let me rewrite their section on content management, since for all intents and purposes Mason-CM appears to be dead, and Bricolage is quite actively maintained. I appreciate their allowing me to contribute -- I think this will be good for Mason and for Bricolage.

At any rate, after a busy couple of weeks, I'm ready to get back to plugging bugs in Bricolage and planning its future. I'm a bit behind. If I didn't have to spend so much time trying to hustle up work, it would help. Anyone want to hire an experienced Perl hacker and Bricolage developer?

CM is still being used by some...

metaperl on 2002-03-05T08:20:47

According to the Mason list, some people still use CM even though you are right about its maintenance level.

THe feeling I got from the Mason list is that CM is a much less complex program and preferable for some because it is easier to hack into and personalize.

Re:CM is still being used by some...

Theory on 2002-03-05T22:40:46

That's absolutely true. But the problem is that it's not being actively maintained. Bricolage, OTOH, is under very active development, and comes with a whole raft of features. But I would certainly agree that Bricolage overkill for some needs, and that Mason CM might be more appropriate for simpler situations.

Re:CM is still being used by some...

autarch on 2002-03-06T06:19:24

Well, without a maintainer, it's dead, plain and simple. If people want to use it, great, but it'd silly for us to promote it in the book when there's a well-maintained and more modern system available.

Plus when Mason 1.10 comes out I have a feeling the old Mason-CM code will _really_ be dead, because 1.10 will have a fair number of API changes and who knows whether Mason-CM will survive.

It's worth noting that the MasonHQ site has a very minimal CM system as part of its code. This CM-lite is loosely based on the old Mason-CM, and if someone extracted this from the rest of the site code it might make a nice Mason-CM replacement.