Release, Release, Release!

Theory on 2002-02-22T02:14:38

Well, I got Bricolage 1.3.0 out yesterday. It's a development release for the upcoming 1.4.0 release. There are two major new features in 1.3.0. The big one is a SOAP server. Sam Tregar has been hard at work on this puppy. It promises to simplify the process of autopublishing stories, and to make importing and exporting assets and elements a no-brainer. I say kudos to Sam for his hard work.

The second major new feature is a real live configure process. Mark Jaroski of the World Health Organization developed this for us using Autoconf. Unfortunately, it wasn't ready in time for the 1.3.0 release, but it's already looking better and should be in 1.3.1 in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, I need to get 1.2.1 out. This is mostly a bug-fix release of Bricolage, although there is one new feature. A new module greatly simplifies the process of Apache configuration, making it easy to, among other things, run Bricolage on a virtual host. The one drawback to this feature is that it relies heavily on mod_perl <Perl> sections, and these are somewhat broken, although there is a patch. Other than that, there are loads of bug fixes in 1.2.1, so look for it soon!